Steve normally has two sessions, both approximately three hours long. The first session MAY commence with a house visit. As far as possible, he establishes a factual breakdown of the "patient dog's" behavioural history, with the help of a video camera. He then demonstrates how to establish an appropriate rank structure and how to maintain it Problems such as jumping, barking, excessive licking, whining, fearfulness etc. will stop before the first training session ends. Also at the beginning of this session Steve will point out which actions and sounds pets use to dominate, and about two hours later, how this behaviour is already on the decrease.

Initially it is done through owner body language modification only and later, at the second session, he introduces voice techniques. These are simple, but extremely effective.

The time required for pets to relinquish their hold on power is subject to breed, temperament, mother/puppy separation age, critical imprinting, previous education methods, environment and people's ability to modify their own behaviour.

If owners apply the behaviour training techniques consistently, dogs will respond quickly. Pet owners are normally amazed to see how simple and easy it is to achieve this.


These vary according to owner's circumstances. Depending on the severity, sometimes Steve will recommend an assessment before beginning the consultative process. An indication of options and costs is given once enough information has been gathered.

Steve receives requests from all over the country. Due to the nature of dog psychology, it is only possible to address undesirable behaviour by actually meeting with pet owners. Giving advice in any other form, is not only impracticalbut downright dangerous. If the total time required for dog training consultations takes up to six hours or more, then it is impossible to expect that a 15 min telephone call, email or SMS will sort out dog training issues.

Appointments must be made telephonically.