Making the right choices!

This is an option for owners who are interested in a new puppy(s) or rehomed dog(s). Countless numbers of people do not have their pets anymore due to emotionally based decisions, financial constraints, inappropriate environment etc. Steve is amazed at how often people are deceived by unscrupulous `backyard breeders' regarding breed and age. In one case the owner was shown a photo of the pup's father and mother which are clearly Staffordshire Bull Terriers. A vet confirmed this was not the breed. When Steve saw the adult dog he told the owner that the deep chest, muscular back legs, coat colour and face indicated a Pit Bull X Rhodesian Ridgeback. There is a big difference in breed-specific behaviour between the two breeds.

The breed choice consult takes about two hours during which time temperaments and environment are assessed. A list of preferred breeds is compiled and once decided on, strong/weak points as well as compatability issues are discussed.

Advice will be given as to reliable breeders, correct litter departure age, education and questions to ask a vet.

Steve will also safely demonstrate to visitors how he interacts with his own pack.