Letters of appreciation
John & Michell Craigie
Hello Steve,
We need your help with two dogs, Jess, a 9 year old Doberman Pincher, and Maggie an 8 year old Collie X Labrador. The dogs grew up together without any concerns until about a year ago when Jess began attacking Maggie. The younger dog would fight back, but of late she runs away wetting herself as she escapes. I have had Maggie stitched up 3 times, the last time being about 4 weeks ago and that was the worst. I have Jess on Azor(tranquiliser) to try and calm her down, but this is no longer working. I'm at my wits end and really don't know what to do. As I write to you tears are running down my cheeks.

Hi Steve,
We would like to report back on Jess and Maggie and of course the humans involved! All is going well. Jess has not attacked Maggie again. Michelle, her folks and I, have adapted well to our necessary change in behaviour towards the dogs. What we have realised is that the pets are continually watching us and testing. We have to remain focussed and not slip into bad habits, otherwise the dogs gain dominance again! You realise that your relationship with them is never going to be the same as before. Change was necessary and essential for all of us. The peace of mind that comes with it makes this all worthwhile. Thank you for helping us with restoring peace and happiness to our household.
Rob & Jill Storrar
Dear Steve,
I am not sure if there's a solution to this terrible problem. We have a 7 year old spayed female Boxer, Georgie, and have just acquired a 12 week old Jack Russel puppy, Paddy. We also have a 10 year Jack Russel, NikNak which is not a problem! Georgie will not accept the pup and has attacked her twice. She went to socialising classes when she was a puppy, but has always been aggressive towards other dogs. Georgie and Nik Nak have had a number of bad scraps, but that seems to have stopped. This situation is terrifying, to say the least. Can you help us?
Rob and Jill Storrar.

Hi Steve,
We’ve been meaning to write to you for a while now. Every morning, when we see the wonderful games that Georgie and Paddy are playing, we think of you with gratitude. They get on like a house on fire now and have such fun together – digging holes (eek!), playing with their blankets, sticks etc. and it is a pleasure to behold. We could never have done it without you. Thank you, thank you, Steve – you are a star, and our only regret is that we didn’t meet you years ago, because we have learnt so much about the nature and behaviour of dogs!
Kind regards,
Rob and Jill.
David & Jenny Caldwell (David initiated the first contact telephonically.)
Hi Steve,

Feedback : Our two 8 Month Rhodesian Ridgebacks : Leo & Roxy 

I have to thank you SO much for all your guidance and advice. What a journey that was!!! I must say, that it took me longer to settle and regain my confidence with them, than it did for them to settle. When we come home it is such a pleasure. Our daughter Tracey, and husband have been taught, and follow your advice.
I still find their “noisy, loud, teeth baring PLAY” very stressful. (but am getting there). Leo and Roxy are still the very best of friends, are always together, play together, sleep together, and we have not had any incidents for a couple of weeks. I have not yet attempted to put collars on them. So getting them to walk on a lead, I will definitely need help with that.
Steve, thank you so much… I am sure we will be in touch again, when I have further questions, and need of more ‘coaching’ in various areas, but you have definitely given us back our precious ‘family’.
Jenny Caldwell.
These are are just a few of the many letters that Steve has received over the years.