Steve cannot emphasise enough how important it is not to fail to prepare.
There is a list of behaviour disorders on the HOME page that pet owners may face if they do not take appropriate steps to ensure normal behaviour. One that is not listed is aggression which leads to the death of a human being.

What is meant by normal behaviour and how does one achieve this?
Successful human/animal relationships are formed by satisfying our pet's mental needs and secondly, knowing how to communicate with them in a way whereby they understand what we want. Humans are not `wired' like dogs and dogs are not `wired' like humans.

So, if we want stable companions, it is extremely important for us to know how the canine mind functions.

One of the biggest problems that puppies have to contend with are humans who are unable to control their emotions adequately, or, make decisions impulsively without determining the consequences with reasonable accuracy.

Unfortunately, in my experience there are very few individuals who are able to translate canine body language accurately. Myths and misconceptions are endless.

Here are some examples:
- training can only commence from 6 months.
- tail wagging indicates happy, or glad to see us.

- excessive scratching only indicates itching.
- prolonged licking of body parts only indicates soothing.
- frequent coughing is only respiratory related.

- frequent sneezing only means allergies.
- loud panting is only `hot' or exertion related. 

- ear flapping only means itching due to ear mites or yeast infection, amongst others.
- shivering or shaking, other than being cold, only means fearful.
- separation anxiety means that dogs, being social creatures, are missing their owners.
- fear of, or aggression to thunder and loud noise, only indicates a phobia.
- dogs growling and attacking each other only means aggression and actual fighting only means a lack of social skills.
- dogs have emotional and moral intelligences similar to that of humans.

In Steve's early days of dog training (flood and punishment) he also believed, or, was taught the above. Today, he knows better and quite simply, it came as a result of spending thousands of hours studying canine behaviour.

He has come to realise that the dog's mind differs vastly from a human's and resultantly the actions produced by dogs are largely misunderstood, thereby producing incorrect human responses.

Quite simply, before acquiring a new puppy please contact me first. If you already have one, please be aware that the CRITICAL IMPRINTING PERIOD is from the 3rd to 16th week only.